Thursday, May 19, 2011

Working With Stuff

I dreamed I was on a construction site and someone stole my circular saw.  I finally fouind it where it was hidden and it was covered with some kind of white stuff that resembled cauking compound.
I peeled the stuff off the tool and it looked bad so I thought I would paint it.
I got a small can of white spray paint and when I tried to paint it ... it came out of the nozzle in a stream, not a spray.
Next, I was looking at 2 new saws that were bolted to a board and I wanted one of them.  I cut the board in half to get the one I wanted.
My son was on the job and wanted the other one.
Somehow, and next, I was in a house fixing a screen and I went to remove the frame the screen was in and it dissintigrated when I touched it and fell to the street below.
I went to get it and woke up.
As always... I had to pee.

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