Saturday, May 7, 2011

Something about a car

I was driving an older model car to a friends house to have him look at it.  As a friend, he would fix it free.
When I got there I didn't know him, I couldn't remember ever seeing him or his family before.  They seemed nice and acted as though they knew us.
I explained that I wanted him to look at something and he agreed.  I no sooner said that and my son drove up in an
old jalopy and was being an idiot driving his car way too fast and slipping and sliding in the gravel.
I shouted to him and he decided to park it.  He backed it up into a parking place way too fast and busted off a part of the porch and one of his wheels fell off.
I did my best to apologize to the home owner, but he wasn't listening.
I got mad at him and my son too.... then I woke up.

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