Friday, May 13, 2011

Old men can get wet dreams !!!!

I was in a vacation house somewhere and I was waiting to take a shower in the hallway.  I guess they only had one bathroom as others were waiting too.
Most of us were very scantily dressed as I was only wearing a towel.  After the shower, I was approached by a woman that wanted me to look at her boobs as she had some kind of rash and tiny scales on them. I told her to use an ointment before she went to bed and she would be OK.
Then another came over and said she thought she had lumps in her breasts and wanted me to check. Well, needless to say, I gave her a through examination.
Then, I was in a bed asleep and a woman slid in bed with me and began to fondle me til I was ready and of course, once started.. I had to finish.

I guess one could call this a wet dream !!!!!
I woke up for real ... had to pee.

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