Saturday, June 4, 2011

Connected Stairways

I was in the kitchen and was called in to the living room by a friend that was drinking my beer.
He said that he was surprised to be able to walk up a short flight of stairs and suddenly be in someone elses house.
I said that can't be, so he showed me how to do it.
I went into the connected house and turned the corner and was in your kitchen.  You and Jon were there having coffee.  You both were still in P.J.'s.
Jon got up and left the room, something about the kids,  and so we had a short discussion based on "How is this possible?" as we live in different countries.
I left and came home to get a cup of coffee cause you didn't have any more made and got side tracked talking to my brothers.
Then you came over to see where I got to and we all talked for a bit, mostly about nothing much... small talk, as they say.
Doris came into the room and wondered who you were and how did you get in. 
You decided to go home and then I woke up.

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